Written by Laura Bridgeman and Serge Nicholson

Laura Bridgeman

LAURA BRIDGEMAN trained as an actor at E.15 Acting School before she started writing. Her play commissions include MAISON SPLENDIDE (London New Play’s Festival, 1996), JUNK (Gay Sweatshop, 1997), MEDICINE GIRL (Guinness Ingenuity Award, 1997), ETIQUETTE (Radio 4, 2000), ID 1000 (The National Youth Theatre G.B. 2007). Her theatre funding includes LOONATIK (The London Arts Board, 1997), .45 (The Arts Council of England, 2002), THERE IS NO WORD FOR IT (The Arts Council of England, 2009).

Laura is currently working on a novel RAPHAEL COOMBS funded by the Arts Council of England and short-listed for the Charles Pick Fellowship 2007, and CATERPILLARS a six-part TV series co-written with Charles Lambert. She has an MA and a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from UEA where she was awarded the HSC Scholarship and she has taught creative writing in HMP Littlehey, HMP Pentonville and HMP Holloway, London Metropolitan University and for Spread The Word. Laura founded girlboy in 2008, The (Trans) Mangina Theatre Project is the company's first co-production. Laura’s agent is Emily Hayward at Rod Hall. emily@rodhallagency.com.

Serge Nicholson

SERGE NICHOLSON - Writer & Co- Producer, Performer. Co-founder/Director of Transfabulous – International Festival Of Transgender Arts. Event Producer. Media Consultant. Previously known in various other guises: magician's assistant, one time stripper, community picnic host, Oxford House oh! art associate artist, cook/chef and bottle washer. With this theatre project I am making a move from producing and curating to creating work, along with my partner in crime (the established writer Laura Bridgeman) which is all very exciting. I am also interested in future collaborations.

Email: sergenicholson@yahoo.co.uk

Jason Barker and I formed Transfabulous with an aim to champion transgender arts and to promote and encourage transgender artists and work exploring transgender culture. We have had 3 heady years of summer arts festivals at Oxford House, Bethnal Green plus a variety of associated fundraising arts & performance events from the bonkers to the lavish, see our website . Transfabulous also award an annual writing prize with Chroma magazine.

Directed by Lois Weaver

Lois Weaver

Lois Weaver is Professor of Contemporary Performance at Queen Mary, University of London and an independent performance artist, director and activist. She was co-founder of Spiderwoman Theatre and the WOW Theatre in New York and Artistic Director of Gay Sweatshop Theatre in London. She has been a performer, director, and writer with the Split Britches Company since 1980. Her interests include live art, solo performance, feminist and lesbian theatre and performance and human rights.

She was involved in Staging Human Rights, a People's Palace Project initiative that uses performance practice to explore human rights in women’s prisons in Brazil and the UK. She collaborated with Curious on two projects: On The Scent, an investigation of the relationship between smell and memory and Lost and Found, a human portrait of urban regeneration. Lois was Artistic Director for Performing Rights, an international conference and festival on the themes of performance and human rights held in London in 2006 and is Producing Director for East End Collaborations,an annual platform for emerging live artists.

She was principal investigator on Democratising Technology, a research project that uses performance techniques to initiate conversations on technology design. She just completed a commission for the Chelsea Theatre in London entitled What Tammy Needs To Know About Getting Old and Having Sex. Lois tours with the Long Table; What Tammy Needs To Know..; and a new Split Britches collaboration, Miss America.

Visuals by Simon Croft

Simon Croft

SIMON CROFT - I’m a trans-man living and working in London and I started making art after transitioning just over 10 years ago.

Primarily a visual artist, much of my work draws on my own experiences as a trans-man and the paradoxes inherent in trans-life, using different processes to reflect on themes of change, transformation and their associated challenges and insights.

I’m particularly interested in how the rapidly evolving range of artistic expressions of the FtM experience contribute to trans and queer community and culture. At the moment, I’m really enthused by how so many different elements such as fine art, the written word, film, music, zines, theatre and performance are increasingly working together to create new spaces and ways for trans people to explore, express and make visible the diverse reality of who we are.

Consequently, I’m especially pleased to be involved with the (Trans) Mangina Monologues project, which I believe is addressing vitally important aspects of trans-guys lives and bringing them to greater visibility.

This is the first time I’ve created visual elements for a theatre piece and I’m delighted to have this opportunity to take my work in a new direction.

Simon Croft May 2009

srmc1000@aol.com All enquiries, queries or comments welcome

Production Assistant Jake Kelly

Jake Kelly

Jake Kelly has been involved in drama and theatre for the past ten years and has been in love with it for as long as he can remember. He has just completed a degree in drama and creative writing at the University of Portsmouth and is one fifth of Freestyle Theatre Company, who enjoy teaching improvisational skills to students in Portsmouth schools.

He’s passed on too many opportunities over the years, but this project is part of a fresh, more confident way forward as well as being his first real shot at the production side of things. He is insanely, but quietly excited about the whole thing, and will spend hours trying to find the perfect outfit to best suit his new responsibilities.

With a cast of trans guys

Harri Cole Weeks HARRI COLE WEEKS - "There are virtually no photos of me from around the time when I was in the Vagina Monologues.

I was struggling with the disconnect between the importance of there being a queering presence in the show and the fact I didn’t want to belong on that stage. I enjoy that I’m able to do similar disruptive work in this performance; I’m glad to have to opportunity to raise my voice, unlike the others’, in concert with theirs.

I’m an LGBTQ activist, working mostly on policy regarding trans issues in post-school education. I think that positive, widely disseminated and diverse representations of the trans experience are a hugely important part of the whole project for trans equality and liberation, and, being a bit of a vain b*****d, I love being involved in them.

There are a lot more photos of me around nowadays."


TOM O'TOTTENHAM - Gad-about–town Tom is a performer, producer, composer, prancer, dancer and all-round good egg. On occasion he gives talks, workshops and seminars and suchlike. He is often found to be good with his hands.

Ben and Tom


Jason Barker

JASON ELVIS BARKER is an award winning filmmaker, comix artist, occasional stand up comedian, co-producer of Transfabulous and a programmer of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Jason likes corduroy, slippers and proper puddings with custard. He dislikes it when people's noses whistle when they are sitting next to him in the cinema.

See Jason's website for more info!