We proudly present a taste of the female to male transgender experience. There Is No Word For It is a partnership between queer arts’ practitioners from different creative backgrounds – Laura Bridgeman, Serge Nicholson, Lois Weaver, Simon Croft and the cast.

There Is No Word For It - showing a cast of ordinary and extra-ordinary trans men, using real stories and transcripts first taken at Transfabulous International Festival of Transgender Arts 2008, this piece of live theatre aims to be bold, humorous, energetic, inspiring and have ‘no holes barred’.

Drawing inspiration from Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, which uses verbatim theatre to uncover taboos around female sexuality, sex and empowerment, and Calpernia Adams’ Beautiful Daughters exploring the trans female experience, There Is No Word For It, takes a contemporary slice of the trans male experience examining lifestyles, language, sexuality and sets it centre stage.

There is rarely any diverse portrayal of transgender lives in the media. Historically, the trans community has had to put time and energy into equality campaign work and the fight for the right to access health care, gender recognition and legal rights.

There Is No Word For It also actively challenges prejudice and discrimination. There is growing interest from inside and outside the trans community in creative work using the trans experience as subject matter.

The taster shows are just a start. There Is No Word For It is an ongoing project in development. We are actively seeking international trans male contributors. Please check the website for further details and contact us via info@transmanginamonologues.com.